Liam's Luck Wood Craft

Spurtles, Wooden Spoons, Cutting Boards, Rolling Pins, Mortars and Pestles, Potato Mashers, Serving Trays, and custom orders

Liam's Luck Wood Craft

Spurtle.  Yes, it is a word!  "Spurtle" is an ancient Scottish word that, loosely interpreted, means "mixing stick".  My name is Liam and in 2008, I approached my father, Mike, about ideas for raising money so that I could take part in a People to People Student Ambassador tour of Europe.  He suggested that I make spurtles in our little woodshop and he would help me sell them.  My father has been making them for years as gifts.  That was the beginning of Liam’s Luck Wood Craft.  Now, two People to People tours and several years later, we are still making spurtles.  We have expanded our product lines, began attending craft shows and fairs, demonstrating our craft using traditional tools and techniques.   What started as a fundraiser has become a passion and hopefully, a life-long career.  

​​Quality. We believe that everyone is entitled to quality craftsmanship.  We guarantee our spurtles against breakage, as long as they are cared for correctly (never placed in a dishwasher) and not used for purposes other than cooking, such as prying open stuck windows.

Craftsmanship.  Each item we sell is hand crafted in our workshop.  We put our hearts and hard work into each and every item.     

Sustainability.  We use only Pennsylvania hardwoods.  When possible, we use wood that is reclaimed from prior uses.    

Affordable.  We believe that excellence should be affordable.