The Fryer

The Fryer is designed with a slight angle to the head for use in a frying pan.  Comes in two lengths: 10" and 13".   Like the Essential, it has an ovoid handle that is comfortable and easy to grip.  $9 each/ 3 for $25

The Custom Line

The Custom Line are spurtles and spoons that we hand-carve.  We make these according to YOUR design, or designs we have on hand from prior custom orders.  

Animals or other small images engraved on spurtle: add $5

Greetings to our customers.

We have developed a catalog for you to view our products.  We will add to it as new products are crafted.

Our wood products are all hand made by us, so each one is unique, despite the use of patterns in lay-out.

Our custom line is even more unique, as those pieces are all hand-carved, and the grain of the wood has much to do with the end result.

​Woods we are currently using:

  • Wild Cherry
  • Black Walnut
  • Sugar Maple
  • Hickory
  • Sycamore
  • White Ash
  • ​Black Birch

We ask you to call us or e-mail us to order.  By operating our catalog and sales this way, we can offer the same prices to you that you would pay at any venue where we sell.  Yes, we are a Mom and Pop operation (or more accurately, Liam, Mom, and Pop).  We are trying to keep overhead costs low so we can pass those savings on to you.

We can do secure credit card transactions over the phone.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

​Please be aware, there are shipping charges involved.  These are based upon US Postal Service rates.  We charge you for shipping exactly what it costs us.  There are no extraneous fees.

Call Mike at 570-317-5418 or email us at to order.

Left to right:

Essential $9.    Batter Spurtle $14.     Long Spreader $14. Narrow Batter Spurtle $14.     Short Spreader $14.                    

DSM (available in various lengths)  $18.

Inscribed with wood burner in our shop at no additional cost.

Custom engraving available.  Initials or name, add $5.  

       Liam's Luck Wood Craft

Spurtles, Wooden Spoons, Cutting Boards, Rolling Pins, Mortars and Pestles, Potato Mashers, Serving Trays, and custom orders

The Roundabout Spoon

Carving and sanding the bowl of a spoon is time consuming, which increases the price.  To offer a quality spoon at a lower price, we make The Roundabout.  We have a special cutter that shapes the bowl of this spoon in much less time than we can hand-carve one.  The rest of the spoon is crafted in the same way we make the rest of The Essential Line.  $18 Each.

The July Spurtle.  A great design for working cookie dough.  Why is it named "The July"?  Because we designed it in July.  Simple as that.  

$14 each.

Custom signs/plaques available.

Priced by size of board and amount of engraving.

​Call for details and pricing.

The Essential Spurtle

Designed to do almost every task in the kitchen.  A flat edge to turn eggs and pancakes or scrape the bottom of the pot if something is sticking.  Rounded sides to work in a bowl.  An ovoid handle that is comfortable to use and will not slip in your hand.  $9 each/ 3 for $25

Personal Touches

Your items can be laser engraved for a very personal touch.  There is an additional fee for engraving, as we must pay the engraver.

A simple and free alternative is personalization done with a woodburning iron.  This can be done by us at our shop.

​The Essential Line

To offer high-quality, hand crafted utensils at a low price, we have The Essential Line.  Using power tools to speed up the process, we hand craft these utensils one at a time.  Every piece is carefully made and hand finished.  

​Liam's Luck Wood Craft